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August 14, 2022

With the advancement of boat enclosure design over the past 35 years, Tip Top Canvas has been recognized for its cutting-edge canvas fabrics, materials, and applications. Mega Yacht builders worldwide are in awe of our boat enclosure, made of Polycarbonate crystal clear glass that is scratch resistant and UV stable.

We guarantee your utmost comfort and convenience by carefully considering panel openings, seam placements, and the general design of our enclosures. Our expert artisans create a bespoke pattern for the premium enclosure, construct it in our shop, and install it on your yacht.

Marine Enclosures Fort Lauderdale – How It is Manufactured?

Tip Top Canvas can meet your typical enclosure requirements. Our standard enclosures meet demanding environmental conditions and provide sufficient protection from storms, rain, and debris. They are suitable for various applications and can be tailored to meet specific needs.

Yacht enclosures come in a variety of styles and quality levels. They range from low-cost, lightweight glass to high-end Polycarbonate and Isinglass.

When building a boat enclosure, we use canvas and isinglass, a clear marine vinyl. It is a high-end enclosure class explicitly designed for durability and safety.

Tip Top uses the highest grade isinglass for optimal visibility on your boat, providing excellent viewing and protection from dust, rain, and debris. It is critical to handle these clear vinyl with caution. Despite being UV resistant and incredibly durable, you must carefully hold the materials we use.

Installing, removing, and storing these enclosures is simple because they snap into place.

Yacht Enclosures Fort Lauderdale: Which Yacht Enclosure Style Should You Choose?

Yachts are a one-of-a-kind buy that can be personalized and upgraded with several comforts, such as stylish deck enclosures. It might be tough to pick which enclosure style is best for you, so having all the information at your disposal is beneficial.

Understanding the material used to construct a marine enclosure may help you determine whether it is a good fit for your needs. Here’s a quick rundown of the materials:

1. Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate, a rigid substance like glass, is strong, shatterproof, heavy, and expensive.
2. Acrylic: Hard and sturdy, but not flexible like transparent vinyl, so you can’t wrap it up.
3. Vinyl: A good, low-cost option for clear water views. Coating clear vinyl improves its clarity, toughness, and lifespan. Roll up your enclosure with the help of flexible clear vinyl.

It’s time to consider whatever style will work best for you after deciding on the material you want.

Mesh Screens: Simple, like a rear door screen. Mesh screens are light and airy but offer minimal weather protection.

Semi-enclosure: It allows affordable yachts owners to construct a weatherproofed deck space without fully enclosing it. Using screens or vinyl/acrylic/polycarbonate, you may create a semi-enclosed area where guests can relax and enjoy the view.

Complete Enclosures: A full enclosure offers the most protection from the weather and might make guests feel more “indoors.” Transparent materials and a solid framework can improve your boat’s appearance.

Windshields: Smaller boats often have windshields, like cars meant to surround your deck.

It’s crucial to remember that with the right combination of stiff and flexible components, your marine enclosures Fort Lauderdale may be constructed to almost any shape. Call us to know more about our Tip Top Canvas services or schedule a free phone consultation!

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