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Custom Yacht Interiors — How to Choose?

January 20, 2020

Outfitting custom yacht interiors is an endeavor that you just cannot do all by yourself. It is an intricate and delicate operation that needs the expertise of experienced and reliable professionals to successfully outfit your prized boat with your preferred marine canvas and upholstery and yacht interior design.


After all, as exciting a purchase of a yacht is — with its sleek hull, strong propulsion, and state of the art navigation system — all of it might be for naught if you are not happy or as satisfied with the yacht’s interior design or marine canvas upholstery. But you don’t have to be distraught. You definitely can enjoy custom yacht interiors! If you want to refit your cabin and transform your yacht’s space to fit that of your lifestyle and general preference, here are some tips on how you can best go about doing that.


1) Switch Up the Color

One of the easiest ways to customize your yacht’s interior or refresh your space to alter the soft goods. Most times, yachts come off the production line sporting a neutral palette to make the boat look light and spacious inside the showroom. If this is too bland for your taste, you can certainly make it more vibrant by adding a splash of color to the upholstery, the window treatments, the rugs, and other accessories. Those things can make a world of difference in making your look electrifying, from the inside and out.

2) Are You Good with the Wood?

One of the very first things that you should give a thought to when considering customizing your yacht’s interior design is are you alright with the existing wood? This is a crucial question to ponder especially since there is just so much it around and it actually helps prescribe the kind of colors and materials that you can use on the new décor. Through the years, there have been many trends to come and go when it comes to wood finishes but if consistency is what you are after, you would be better off going with either cherry or teak as these have never gone out of style.

3) Comfort Matters

No matter how stylish, elegant or lavish your yacht’s interior is, it would all be for nothing if you cannot actually enjoy living inside it. If the couch that you requested to be built feels like you are sitting on a bus stop bench, then what good would that be? The fact of the matter is that comfort counts and you should always take this into consideration when making a decision to customize your yacht’s interior.

4) How Will You Be Using Your Boat?

Before having the actual customization work start, you also need to factor in how you plan to use your yacht. Are you going to loan it out? Or will it be used exclusively for your own private consumption? Do you expect kids to go onboard? These are just some of the questions that professionals would ask for them to discern what kind of fabrics they would use in customizing your yacht’s interior.

If you are looking for a reliable company to preside over the customization of your yacht’s interiors, look no further! Tip Top Canvas and Upholstery is the leading yachts interior designer, with over 35 years of experience in the business. Give them a call for a free consultation.

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