Preparing your Boat and Yacht for Hurricane Season – Maintenance guide

June 15, 2019

Preparing your boat or Yacht for hurricane season should be a top priority as a boat owner.

in this post we will give several tips on how and what need to be done in order to make sure your yacht is ready and safe during Hurricane season in Miami and South Florida.


How to Secure Your Boat for a Hurricane ?

Hurricane Storage
Dry storage facilities and many Yacht yards offer  contracts to store yachts or boats during every named storm that threatens, Insurance for your boat is included.

Once a storm is forecast for your area, remove all detachable items from your boat, such as canvas, sails, cushions, fishing rigging, radios, electronics and antennas. Lash down everything that you cannot remove, including booms, tillers, wheels, etc.

Prepare your yacht means also remove all Canvas, Bimini and tops that might be destroyed by the upcoming storms.

  • Inspect your Anchors
  • Do not use your boat in any case during the hurricane –
  • Disconnect any electronics from your boat including Radio and Sound System and the Boat battery.

Finally – Make sure your boat is stored in a safe location far from flood zones and secured as possible.

Hurricane Damage – Insurance Claims, Property claims that can be caused as part of an Hurricane. If you own a property such as a Marina or property that has suffered a major hurricane damage you should contact a Public Adjuster. A Public Adjuster can help you with filing any insurance claim related to your property. Hurricane can cause many damages to your dock and Marina such as, flood, Mold damage , Water Damage and structure damages. For more information about how to prepare your local yacht and how to maintain your upholstery before and after Hurricane Call Tip Top Canvas – Marine Upholstery today for a consultation

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