T-Tops, Bimini Tops, Enclosures, & more

March 25, 2017

T-Tops, Bimini Tops, Enclosures, & more


A center-console style boat will use a t-top to cover the cockpit area. T-tops only offer protection from rain or sun from above, since the sides are all uncovered. The t-top cover is made using canvas material such as Sunbrella™, which is a marine textile that’s both UV & salt-water resilient. Sunbrella™ is available in a large variety of patterns and colors.

The t-top is then secured onto your boat using a “lacing” or “lace” method. This means high quality, durable, and UV resistant rope is used to tie the t-top to the surrounding metal structure using grommets


Bimini Tops

Bimini Tops is a term you’ll hear often in the marine industry. This refers to a collapsible canvas top with an open front and sides, which goes on a boat, yacht, or even a jeep! Bimini tops are made using canvas and steel poles.

Bimini tops are commonly used on the cockpit or deck of a yacht, sailboat, or speedboat. These tops offer protection from the sun, however, Bimini tops will only provider cover from rain if the boat is stationary as it does not cover the sides of a boat.

This is where a dodger differs from a Bimini top. Dodgers enclose the sides of a small boat (which is called a tender to a yacht) providing protection from rain or spray while moving forward.

On a yacht, a cover that is closed off on all sides is called an enclosure




To build a yacht enclosure, we use both canvas and clear marine vinyl called isinglass.

Tip Top uses the highest quality isinglass for the best visibility aboard your yacht. These clear vinyls need to be delicately handled. The materials we use are both UV and scratch resistant, but still require to be handled with care.

These enclosures snap into place and are easily installed, removed, and stored.

For more information on a custom Bimini top, T-Top, or enclosure for your yacht or tender, please call 954.524.6214 or visit our office located at: 1010 N. 20th Ave, Hollywood FL 33020

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